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Recap: 500M 1v1 Tournament

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@Black Jesus

Black Jesus
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On Thursday evening we opened sign ups for our 1v1 tournament and with the endorsement of multiple Jagex mods (who later lended their help with crowd control), B0aty, Purespam, Monni, Mog Time, Skiddler, and many other streamers we were able to secure a large bracket and the attention of the OSRS community.
Despite the tournament lasting just about five hours, a loyal following of 8K+ joined us for the final. Considering we peaked at almost 10,000 viewers tonight and kept a solid 8K+ throughout the night I'd say that as the hours went by we saw a large portion of the RS community check in to see this unfold in one way or another.
Coincidentally, Jagex now seem to be expanding their 1v1 Tournament, hopefully some of the participants who competed tonight and proved their worth are given spots (Tonight's bracket can be seen here: http://challonge.com...otnetTournament). It was great to see a huge part of the community come together, and hope to see this trend continue in the near future. 
Now, onto the Winners. 

1. 55 (Frontline)

2. Andre xD (Streamer - https://www.twitch.tv/not_andre)

3. Monni (Streamer - https://www.twitch.tv/monnirs)

KO of the Nighthttps://clips.twitch...sKoupreySaltBae


We've received a lot of feedback and in the next edition (and there will be a next edition) plan on tweaking a few things. Thanks to all of those who participated, and thanks to all of those who joined us on Twitch and Twitter.


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4th place me

Dank xmas meal

Dank xmas meal
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Thanks for coming all, congratulations to the winners!







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Thanks to everyone that participated


21 Santavage

21 Santavage
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congrats Kevin, blnt andre u let our nation down...


BB Jesus

BB Jesus
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Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone who participated and those involved in ensuring everything ran smoothly

Especially the commentators who kept us all entertained!

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Thanks for coming. If you have any suggestions let us know.


Shovel Guy

Shovel Guy
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Excellent tournament and great turnout. Went really well for something prepared in a short time.



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Grats gamers

Slobodan Praljak

Slobodan Praljak
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ty to all for tuning in event was really well done hope it can be done more in the future

rot does it best

The Conductor

The Conductor
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thanks to everybody who participated or tuned in & of course congratulations to the winners

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yukon cornelius

yukon cornelius
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shoutout to ghettob and a solid audience, didnt expect to receive the support we did


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mfw a streamer gets #3

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Posted Yesterday, 06:35 PM
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Worthless as fuck member, glory hunter as fuck, spastic as fuck. Whlist in di I heard you sucked enough dick to get them to give you council rank, thats not really saying much considering they'll do anything to keep their clan alive. All you did that made you stand out was probably talk and blast every fight which isn't saying much. Later on I heard you took inactive because you wanted to play world of warcraft with that chrissy bitch lmfao and then you have the audacity to say you didn't like how the clan was being run and made your own. Glory hunter as fuck. The majority of your member base being eos and ph had left 2 weeks after you made it due to shit leadership and who had leader? You and d156 lmfao. On top of this i know you're two faced as fuck and only befriend people as long as they have something to offer you. Id say I would never give you a chance in a million years but I want to see how long you'll last here seeing as how you were bullied out of di and dynasty (the clan you made). Besides you probably will end up quitting after Buzzb's intro gets declined. I don't really talk shit on intros/app's because I'm accepting of most people but my god I don't want to see you suck the life out of rot like you did to di and dynasty. Ye and If this does get processed I hope you're not counting on me as a ref lmfao. 

e: Doesn't look like someone traded you sets or anything in your pic btw.

anyways post probably wont be taken literally and you'll probably be able to suck enough of 289's dick to get in so grats on intro


Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells
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Was fun as fuck


s/o to ghettob best caster NA


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