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Nine151's Introduction

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Section 1

Real Life Name:


What Timezone do you live in?:

The Netherlands, GMT+1.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I'm Jesse from The Netherlands / Holland whatever you wanna call it. I'm 17 years old and I'm like 6"5 lol.
In my free time I like to play football (soccer for the americans), chill with friends, go out to clubs and bars and get smashed, watch movies, listen to music and do shit on my computer. I've been playing Runescape since classic and I've experienced every kind of account, from 1 def pure to tank to rune pure to main. I haven't been seriously playing Runescape since like 2008 and I only log on for clan events now.

On average how many hours are you online for each day?:

Can't tell because it's different every time but I've been RoT for ages and I'm sure you all know I will be active like I always have been.

Section 2

Your Runescape LOGIN Name (And a picture proving it, usually you logged onto the Runescape Website):


Your Current Display Name & ANY Display names you have ever used:

Old: RoT 9151, The Big RS9.
Current: TerRoTisT II.

Are you the original owner of the account? If not, list the circumstances under which you obtained your current account:

No. I've been sharing Nine151 since it was like 80 combat with a good real life friend. It's been 100% mine since BH came out though and no one has access to it.

Does anyone else other then yourself have access to your Runescape account?:


F2P Combat: 121.
P2P Combat: 128.

Post a picture of your Stats:


List every clan you have ever been apart of and why you have departed them (you MUST post reasons):

Korrupted 0rder - Member - Joined K0 during the summer of 07, left in January because more and more people started leaving and friends invited me to join NR.

No Remorse - Application Manager - Joined them like 3 days after they opened after friends asked me to join, was a pretty good clan we would fight clan like DA and KoD daily. Got App manager 2 weeks after I joined. It closed.

Dark Ascension - FA - After NR closed many of us left and joined DA. Enjoyed my time here alot, eventually left after about 3 months to help some friends remake K0.

Korrupted 0rder2 - Council - Joined K0 and got Council which basically was co leader, we mainy did clan wars, was pretty fun considering everyone got along and liked eachother because we were all old friends. I went on vacation, came back and it closed, don't exactly remember why.

The Stricken Cards - Member - Joined TSC when single BH came out because I had some friends there, enjoyed my time here, was at the time BH was actually pretty fun and not full of rag rangers. Merged with SA.

Silent Assassins - Member - TSC merged with SA so all of TSC got auto accepted. Was kinda busy with rl stuff at the time so I wasn't really active but I still attended a decent amount of events. Don't remember much of SA though. Closed.

Infinite Lurers - Advisor - Joined IL the day it opened and got auto-accepted because I had alot of friends there.
It was fun the first month with a 30 man memberlist BHing in GMT timezone daily. IL started going down hill though, alot of retards got accepted and we had alot of people spying for clans such as Brutality. I regret not leaving IL after the first month because it was a horrible clan, really unorganized and always drama going on. Merged with OT.

Overwhelming Threat - Member - IL merged with OT so most of IL got auto-accepted.
Was pretty fun the first few weeks but after that they started going down hill after many officials and good members left. Closed.

The Stricken Cards - Council / Moderator - Joined the first day it opened and got auto-accepted.
Had a really good time here especially when PvP came out. We won many fights but just couldn't compete with clans like RoT and DI.

Reign of Terror - Member - Had a blast here, I joined right before the slump. Was at the times that even shitty clans like RDK could somehow compete with us because we were always outnumbered, but we also always came out on top. After a while I got bored of P2P with mass barraging and shit. I followed the crowd and joined Corruption to try out F2P.

Corruption - Member - Worst mistake I've ever made was joining Corruption. I joined right in the slump and during my 3 months or so of being Corruption we only won 2 fights. I missed RoT alot and went back.

Reign of Terror - Application Manager - Re-introed about a week after the crowd who left for Corruption re-introed and got back in. Too much to put here really. RoT is and was the best experience I've ever had in Runescape. I got kicked today because I was annoyed for several reasons and ran my mouth towards H0z and Mattbrazil. I really regret doing this and it was stupid because I didn't take the last chance I had gotten about a week before that seriously. This is where I am today, and RoT is where I belong. I can never see myself in any other clan other than RoT and RoT will be my last clan ever.

I was also in RoT around summer 2007 on my other account called Marrokev for around 2 weeks but never made it past intro.

Post a picture showing all of the Required Gear needed (Failure to post ALL of the Required gear will get your Introduction locked instantly):


Another 20 D scims and super attacks buying in the GE. Making money for runes as we speak.

Do you have any P2P Multi experience?:

Yeah a fuckload.

Do you hang out/PK with any other groups of friends? this includes IRC channels, Ventrilo/TS teams, if so list all of them.

Yeah I'm on my NRPK team their Ventrilo like once a week for an hour but that's about it.

Why do you want to join RoT? (At least 75 words):

I've been RoT for ages and this is where I belong. The only reason I log in Runescape nowadays is for RoT and I don't see any other reason. This clan keeps me playing. RoT has been the best experience I've ever had in Runescape and it will be the last clan I will ever be in. RoT dominates every aspect of this game. From being #1 in P2P multi for I have no idea how long now, to beating Top 3 F2P clans and being the best crashing clan in Runecape. RoT also has the best community there is no doubt.

Do you know any RoT members, if so who?:

Everyone lol.

Do you have any problems with any RoT members?:

No I dont. There's probably some people who have problems with me because we've either had an arguement in the past or I flamed them on their intro or something. If you wanna keep those grudges against me then that's fine. However I prefer to sort them all out so if you have any problems with me simply PM me on IRC or on Forums and we can sort it out.

Do you wish to be assigned a Mentor (If so, do you request someone in particular)?:

Nah I'll be fine.

Section 3

The usage of TS and IRC is Mandatory at all times when online in RoT, is there anything that limits your ability to use TS/IRC?:


Please provide a cropped picture of your TS3 & IRC Client(s):


Do you have a microphone? (If so, do you plan on using it):

Yes and yes.

Section 4

Have you Read The Rules and agree to follow them?:

I've Read the Rules and I agree to follow them. I will take full responsibility for my actions and if I am to break any of the rules, I accept any Punishment I receive.

Have you Read This topic?:

I've changed my MSN, IRC, and Forums password and I know I am responsible for the security of all my accounts on all clan utilities.

Any Additional Comments:

I realised that I run my mouth and flame too often. I'll try my best to cool down and flame less often.

Edit: I will wait around a week before posting my FA to make sure I'll be alright and that everyone else is alright with me.
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No thanks you flame my name and my family 24/7

if you don't flame, welcome

Edited by Breaker, 30 December 2009 - 12:15 AM.

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Ya just chill abit lol
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My best friend from rot/rs, no question. GL
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Hmm were have i heard this name before?

Oh well hope you get in and make it to full member again [Image host not allowed]
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Good luck, just need to relax a bit x)
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You're a good guy, and more over a great member. Not stupid, knows how to follow direction. The thing is, you just aren't mature enough bro. I know you can be serious but you just tend to screw off a lot, you finally got caught doing it to the wrong person and you got fucked. Just please, don't do it again lol, I've told you time and time again how your attitude can get a bit over-aggressive.

Edited by Jake, 29 December 2009 - 11:34 PM.

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I don't have a problem with you at all but like Grimstriper said you need to chill a bit.

Good luck
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yo lol
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